Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Reformation Ladies Tea of 2010

This past weekend my daughters and I were blessed to be a part of the Reformation Ladies Tea hosted by Stacy McDonald (author of Raising Maidens of Virtue and co-author of Passionate Housewives Desperate for God). The lovely speakers were Jasmine Baucham, Stacy McDonald, Sandy Grutzius and Hope Ware. I have plenty of pictures to share for those of you who couldn't make it:

Tables were beautifully, creatively and lovingly decorated by mothers and daughters of Providence church.

I liked this ship theme, it makes me think about the Titanic for some reason and therefore conjures up romantic thoughts of the ocean. There were so many themes--from porcelain doll tables to horses theme, you can click here to view more of the tables.

Mallory Grutzius plays her gorgeous harp as background music, we tried to capture it on video but it was drowned out by all those talking in the background. Trust me though, it was heavenly as she is quite skilled. Her sisters also played violin and flute.

We were served a gourmet lunch, chicken salad on croissant, strawberry salad and strawberry soup---my youngest daughter was in heaven because she just LOVES strawberries. Above is a picture of the dessert table, everything was delectable! They had everything from chocolate covered strawberries, fruit bouquets, truffles, cupcakes and tea cookies and more. Gluten free dainties were also available.

This had to be my favorite table of all--I like to think of it as the 'Blessed Mother' table. It reminds me of my blog- look closely and see the crystals hanging off the cake stand? I love it! The candle holder on the left (not all pictured) gave it a beautiful aura as it glistened through the room.

This is Jesi Ryken (15) on the left with Emilee Degenhart---I have these two special daughters in this post because I want you to take a close look at their gorgeous dresses. Jesi made these dresses out of sheets--yes! I said sheets (that she picked out for free at the 'free room' of her church)! She made her dress in one day then added hand made crocheted sleeves and embroidered red and blue stars to match their flag themed table at the tea! Talk about resourcefully repurposing something old into something new and beautiful!

Stacy encouraged us and our daughters to live godly lives. She shared a clip about flirting and showed pictures contrasting the hollywood 'come hither' look of women and the 'pure eyes' of a woman who represents Christ. It was very good! My daughters especially enjoyed that part since two of their friends were featured in the 'pure eyes' collage.

Here I am with Jasmine--we both write for Ladies Against Feminism and Raising Homemakers. Did you notice how un-photogenic I am? I know I look tired but the night before we were out until 2am at my husband's 20th high school reunion---I have an excuse! {ahem} Jasmine Baucham was indeed our heroine--she had gone through quite an ordeal to arrive at the tea on time--canceled plane flights, torrential rains, unspeakable traffic and so forth. She is currently working on a book entitled after her blog, Joyfully at Home, that promises to be an excellent addition to our daughter's collections.

Here I am with my sweet friend Jaime Gibbs of Like a Bubbling Brook--if you click on her link you will find her perspective of the tea. She is a sweetie pie, has two adorable children and is in the midst of planting a church with her husband. Jaime, it was wonderful visiting with you and I hope to have you over to my house soon for some tea!

My daughter captured the room as the ladies sang a lovely hymn in unison lifting up praises to God.
(Be sure to turn off the music in the sidebar before you play the video!)

My daughters with their friends-- the Grutzius daughters and Kelle Merry (she also made her dress, isn't it too cute?) These gals all know eachother from the Maidens of Virtue group we attend.

Here are a few quick tidbits shared at the tea:

  • Wives, mothers and daughters have an irrevocable calling
  • We can get too busy with good things, not God things
  • Statistics show moms spend way too much time on the internet and are distracted with that, blogging, emailing and texting (we are not 'safe' in our own houses)
  • We need to examine ourselves to see if we are really living godly lives or just having 'the appearance of godliness'
  • We need to model biblical womanhood for our daughters, to help them embrace it (and not force it). We need to model it with our heart allowing God to transform us.

There's so much more but cannot possibly include it all in one post...I also cannot forget our wonderful visit to Providence church the next day and staying the night with the loving and hospitable Bandy family! They so blessed our hearts with their warm welcome and godly Christian example. I learned alot from my visit there--but that is a whole other post! And if you are ever in town, I highly recommend that you visit Providence church-- Pastor James McDonald is an excellent preacher, full of zeal and a passionate heart for his Lord and congregation--their church family is loving and warm. We are very much looking forward to visiting again soon.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of the tea!


Have a tea with your daughter(s) and make special memories,
I love this tea set collection 
and it is perfect for their hope chest!


Luci said...

Thank you so much for sharing those pictures! (And you are not un-photogenic at all ~ the pictures of you are beautiful!)

I especially appreciated the summary notes you posted. My husband and I are transitioning into me being a stay-at-home wife, and I needed a reminder of God's promises and His calling to women! :)

a tranquil heart

P31 Mom said...

This looks so delightful. Thank you for sharing this. I especially loved the video of the ladies singing so beautifully, worshipping our King. HE is worthy!

I also wanted to mention to you that I thought you looked absolutely beautiful. I don't know what your rested look is but if this is your tired look you are blessed.

And last but not least. Ouch. Your outline at the end hurt. Some of those things God's already been dealing with me about. Thank you for sharing them. God used them gently, to remind me of what He's been telling me. It doesn't take much to hear Him when He's already convicted you, does it?

Jo said...

What a lovely time you all had.

It must be so special to spend time together - Christian women and girls sharing Gods words.

PS Just love those dresses made of sheets - no one would ever had guessed.

Lindsey said...

Beautiful picutres!! Thank you so much for sharing these, June! What an inspiring experience for all of the young ladies and mothers in attendance. I loved seeing the table "themes" and the dresses made out of sheets were indeed lovely and resourceful! Praise the Lord for such a beautiful time of fellowship and learning! Glad to hear you and your daughters had such a wonderful time! :-)

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