Friday, June 25, 2010

The Feminist's Worst Nightmare

Jasmine Baucham recently wrote an excellent article in defense of the stay-at-home daughter:

"If you choose to train to become a homemaker -if you choose to live at home with your parents and serve your family until you become a wife and mother -if you live under the jurisdiction of your parents until you are given in marriage to a godly young man to whom you choose to submit...

Expect some stones to fly in your direction.
Don't be surprised when you receive snide remarks -and don't be shocked with mischaracterization -and don't shrink back when others mock and deride you.
But, also, don't lose heart. You are different -you are counter-cultural -you are purposeful -

And you're a threat.

Yes, you!
You are a hard-core feminist's worst nightmare
-you are chock-full of potential
-you are beautiful
-you are industrious -you are intelligent...
and you've chosen to pour that
-every ounce of it
-not a drop left
-not a stone left unturned

-into your family."

Read the rest here.

What an encouragement for stay-at-home mothers as well!



Mrs. C said...

What a wise young woman. I love reading what she writes, so mature and passionate!

Marmee's Pantry said...

AMEN!! I (we) purposefully raised our daughters to desire to be stay-at-home wives & mothers. As they are only 22 & 19, they are working until they meet "Mr. Right" when God sends him along. But I know that they will CHOOSE to submit, they will CHOOSE to stay home, they will CHOOSE to be mommies & they will CHOOSE to homeschool to give their children a godly education.

Awaiting the day...

Blessings from Ohio...

Joyfulsister said...

What a beautiful and inspiring blog you have, I really enjoyed my vist today.

Aloha Lorie

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I have to tell you that I've been a SAHM for 11 years and have been completely supported by those around me and those I run into. I think I've gained respect from being a SAHM. Even working moms say they wish they could be home with their children. I've only gotten one snide remark this whole time and it wasn't too bad of one.

I've had so many men and women say "Good for you!"

I've been blessed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and all the other ladies out there that encourage us that stay home with our children, it is NOT EASY especially when I did not grow up with a Stay at home mom(although my mother longed to sahm)

Priya said...

I am so glad you posted her inspiring article here because the original - check the link- seems to have disappeared.

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