Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Secret Is Out--Duggars Expect Blessing #19


It was SO hard.

Yes, it was hard to keep the secret a few weeks ago when our family got an email from the Duggars saying they were expecting blessing #19 and told us to keep it under wraps---but now they have come public with the news and here is the clip to enjoy!

(Note: Turn off the music in my sidebar before you play the clip!)


  1. My heart goes out to them. Although they have much more financial freedom than normal people, this must be hard on some areas of their lives nonetheless. My prayers are with them.

  2. AWWWW How wonderful! God never puts more on you than you can handle, many blessings to them and their beautifully large family!!

  3. Wow! I would have that many kids if I could but I think my hubby would pass out, lol!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how young Mrs. Duggar looks!

  5. W O W
    O O
    W O W


    We can all learn from this fine Christian Family on how to conduct our Christian Homes,
    finding time for Family Devotions and prayers,
    Cleaning the Home,
    Doing Yard Work,
    Developing Individual Talents, Finances,
    Clothing wear and tear,
    Food preparations, etc.

    Blessings from HomeHaven,

  6. My heart celebrates with them! Another Duggar blessing; thanks for sharing June - we don't get to find these things out so quick here in the UK!

  7. I am happy for them! It's so wonderful to see them trusting the Lord, and Him providing, as always. :) Their family is such an encouragement to me!

  8. i am happy for them. I love the duggars.

  9. I have just finished reading their book '20 and Counting'... I will have to cross out the 0 and change it to a 1! It was wonderful to read their story, so inspiring and lots of practical advice too for raising a family. I enjoyed reading the chapter about building their own home and how God blessed them in so many ways. This was no surprise for they are a family that honours the Lord. Lovely to hear that God is sending them another blessing.

  10. We love the Duggars and are all excited for them!!! God is good! My children and I gathered around the computer as we watched the clip~lots of cheering going on here and now my kids are trying to figure out names~not like the Duggars are asking the Dixons for names!!

    We love their series and sometimes we have a Duggar marathon watching some of their 17 kids and 18 kids and counting. Truly a blessed family following hard after God!

    May God continue to bless them and use them for His own glory!

    Wife of 15 years to my best friend and homeschooling Mom to one little lady and five men in the making and adopting from Ethiopia ♥

  11. I am so excited for them! I posted this clip on my blog this morning after seeing so many nasty comments on FB. Wanted to make sure there was one more GOOD comment out there.

    Congrats Duggars!

  12. That is lovely news!! What a wonderfully large family but oh my what hard hard work !

    Love Collette xxxx

  13. I am so excited to hear that they are having another one! I love to watch their family and have learned so much about how to raise kids and such.

  14. It is so wonderful. I so wish we could have had more children ourselves...so instead I will watch through the Duggars!

  15. Wow. I am so happy for them. Their family is so filled with love and joy. I will pray they have a healthy baby! Exciting indeed!

  16. What a tough secret to hold on to! and what a wonderful blessing, indeed! Congrats to the Duggers!


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