Friday, April 10, 2009

Future Mothers of the Church

"After years of society belittling the calling of motherhood, something wonderful is happening--something wonderfully counter-cultural! In the midst of the anti-life, anti-motherhood philosophies which pervade the culture, there is a new generation of young ladies whose priorities are not determined by the worlds expectations of them.

They have grown up in homes where fathers shepherded them, where children are of merely welcome, but where they are deeply loved. Some of these women have been home educated, which means that many of them have grown up around babies and their mothers. They have learned to see motherhood as a joy and a high calling because their parents see it that way.

When asked about their future, these girls know their own minds. These are the future mothers of the Church: Young women who are not afraid to say that the goal of all of their education and training is to equip them to pursue the highest calling of womanhood--the office of wife and mother."

--Doug Phillips, The Little Boy Down the Road


Linda said...

You could be describing my granddaughter Abigail in this post today.

She is 15 and has been homeschooled all of her school years.

She is under the supervision and loving authority of her godly father and mother.

She has many siblings and knows how to take care of babies. And how to cook and clean

She has also seen her parents lose 3 children and face it bravely through God's help. They have a great testimony and so does she and her older brother. They have seen God's faithfulness.

She has cultivated her many God given gifts and she can play the violin, draw, and sketch very well. She also writes poetry and articles on two blogs. She excels in all of her subjects and she is learning much from the Bible.

They have home churched and also worshiped with other families who desire family worship instead of youth groups and seperation of families.

She is learning how to look to the ways of her household because she has a great example in her mother. They are good friends.

She is fun and interesting and has many friends, both male and female, but she does not date.

She likes photography and building blogs for people and is gifted in so many artistic ways.

She is refreshing and like girls used to be before the world set the standards for teens.

I praise God for her.

Thanks for your post. I wish many other girls could be this way.

She and a friend have a good blog for teen girls called "Imperishable Beauty." Go to my site and find the button.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Jessica said...

It is quite sad that society has undermined the role of motherhood. So many people view child-rearing as a hobby or a burden, as opposed to the rewarding full-time job that it is. I certaintly think it is wonderful that so many young women are choosing to follow the path of Biblical feminity, and not feminism. It's a blessing that these women were raised in a Christian home. I was not brought up in a Christian home, and feel that it is possible to have a strong desire to raise Godly children without Christian parents. My step-mother is a high-powered career woman,and has allowed her household to be in a state of turmoil. I know first-hand how negative effects can result from a woman placing her career as first priority over the children and husband.I do not have children yet,but plan to be a loving and devoted stay-at-home mother when I do have kids. I found this post and others to be inspiring! I hope that you continue creating more posts concerning Biblical feminity.

Civilla said...

It's about time. You know, when I was a young marred lady back in the 70's, I was in college. Nobody even knew what home schooling was back then, but it is interesting to look back.

Many girls were home economics majors in the Christian college I attended in Texas. They wanted to marry a professional man, so they were in college looking for a pre-med or pre-law student major to marry after graduation.

Some even majored in Bible because they wanted to meet future pastors.

They majored in home economics so that they would be good homemakers. I don't think many colleges even offer a home economics major any more.

Times have really changed.

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

This is my hope for my daughters.

littypod said...

I was never raised like this, though I wish I was. I hope my children grow up this way, with me as an example.

Buildeth Her House said...

Great post!! I just posted photos of my little homemakers on my blog. It is so inspiring to see them growing into homemakers for God

Anonymous said...

As Littypod stated, I was also not raised this way - to cherish motherhood, children, and homemaking. It was all about obtaining a college degree and making the most money that you could. Of course, I still love my parents (my father has passed on into heaven, but I still love him), but it was frustrating growing-up in an environment where I felt that my parents were more interested in the amount of dollars their daughter would make instead of the daughter.

At any rate, I applaud this statement about daughters being trained for motherhood, and actually enjoying homemaking. It's nice to know that there will be young women out there who cherish families more than careers/college degrees. If I ever have any daughters, I would like to raise them this way.

S.logan said...

I found your page, and it's just beautiful.

I'm 23-years-old and was homeschooled for about ten years before attending Patrick Henry College in Northern Virginia, which was originally founded for homeschoolers by the president of the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The willingness, no, eagerness, to embrace the role of a wife and a mother is something I've seen among my own friends my age. I'm not sure I'm there just yet, but I recently decided to lay down my career and move to a new state to begin working with inner city kids. To tell them about Jesus and that they have a hope and a future in Him. Raising up a child in the way he should go is SO important. They are our future - whether they are our own or someone elses!

God bless you richly in your endeavors. If you want to read more about my move to the inner city - it was such a God-inspired thing - I posted about it a couple days ago :-)

Abounding Treasures said...


I'm away on vacation but see that you found a site where you could connect 3 images!

The one I always use is

It's easy and quick and you get so many choices!


Anonymous said...

I too have the same sentiments as a couple of the posters here as I didnt grow up in a home enviroment that allowed my momma to say... For the most part she was a single mom raising 5 kids, and when there was a "step Father" he insisted my mother work despite her own desire to stay home and be there for us kids.. I am in a time of my own life that the Lord lead me to stay home, home school and raise my own...Hard...Very, I am pioneering along side my own kids because of me not necissarily having the proper tools to know what I am I know in the end it will be worth it.

Michelle said...

I think your blog is absolutely beautiful! I am following and snagged your button for my place. Thank you for being another quiet corner of the net I can go too:)

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