Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Living In His Shadow

"And God's beautiful woman is pleased to be her husband's crown.

Shunning the spotlight, she gladly gives her life behind the scenes so that her husband may be noticed and honored. She is glad when he is the center of attention, when he excels, when he is recognized, when he rises to the top.

Indeed, she delights in living in his shadow.

His promotion is her greatest reward. She desires that her husband be highly respected and esteemed, so she contentedly offers the supreme sacrifice of herself for him."

---Elizabeth George, Beautiful in God's Eyes


Lady-in-the-Making said...

Yes! This is so true and what a wonderful reminder of selflessness!

My husband was recently promoted and could not understand why I was so exceedingly proud of him! :)

I love it when my husband is recognized.

Kate said...

This is a beautiful quote. And such a contrast to the culture's beliefs.

"Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?"

Civilla said...

Yes, this is a hard concept for women today, as we are told to be somebody in our own right.

An old evangelist once told us, "If your husband is riding in a Cadillac, you're right up there in the front seat riding along with him! You can put your husband in the Governor's chair or the electric chair!"

I was also told that the verse, "We are more than conquerors...", meaning the Christ/church relationship, because Christ fought the battle for us, can apply also to the husband/wife relationship. For instance, a boxer conquers an opponent (I don't know if you approve of boxing, but to make a point...), and then he hands the prize money over to his wife. The wife was "more than a conqueror" in this case!

Our husbands can fight battles for us, since they are out in the forefront, but we as wives enjoy the fruits of their battles.

Let's joyfully get behind our husbands and not feel like we have to be in the limelight, too.

Good post, June!

Anonymous said...

I do want to be this beautiful woman. Lord, please make it true. This is great turned into a prayer. Thank you for such a great blog!tammyp

Anonymous said...

You Bless me so. Thank you for your blog. I so appreciate your Godly focus of each post. I do not waste my precious home making minutes when I drink coffee with you, I am so blessed to glean from the wisdom God has granted you. Be blessed, you are such a blessing.
Love in Christ,

Spruce Creek Farm said...

I own several of Elizabeth George's books. I think that they are must read's for all wives.
A few of her books include " A wife After God's Own Heart", A woman's High calling" and A Woman after God's Own Heart.
Great Post by the way!

Sharon said...

What a lovely reminder this is. It has taken me many years to realise this is true, but I'm glad I'm finally coming to realise this truth.

Graham Sisters said...

This is so very true, and yet so little seen!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful words.



Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Beautiful and very thought-provoking words.

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