Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dreaming of a Happy New Year

It's that time again---time to break out the pen and paper and begin writing out those lists in planning out our New Year goals. I don't know about you, but I get absolutely giddy when I think about all the hours I get to plan out my life and jot my dreams down on paper--especially since I am a notorious list writer and this year I am emphasizing the 'dream''factor.

Every New Years day, my husband and I get together with our planners/laptop and work on our resolution and family goals. We include sections such as spiritual, personal, family, physical and dream. This year as my husband wrote out his section and I suggested he jot this down:

1. Dream
2. Dream Big
3. Make our dreams come true

He loves it when I talk like this!

As Christians we should dream big dreams for what we can do for the Lord. It is simply amazing how our dreams can be stolen away from us with the worries of this world. Remember when you were young and you dreamed of writing a book or doing this great thing or that? But as you got older different things started to snuff out the life of that dream and all of the sudden that dream was sooo far away?

As I have said before---I feel like I am living out my dream right now with a beautiful family and home to care for---but there are some things I have been dreaming about lately........some things that maybe others do not dream about. Like..........


I would love to see multi-site church planting in our area! I love reading about church planting and listening to podcasts from Acts 29. My husband often says "You are probably the only woman in the world who quotes Ed Stetzer, Nelson Searcy, Mark Driscoll and Darrin Patrick and likes them. You have got to be the only mom of 8 who loves listening to Acts 29 podcasts." Lucky for him, since he loves them all too!

Yes, I have to make a confession here, if you knew the real me you would be bored to tears because all I really want to talk about is church planting! To me there are few things more exciting. It might be because we came from a multi-site church...hmmm...

So whatever your goals or resolutions be sure to dream big dreams of what you can do for the Lord! Life is too short and valuable to not partake in dreaming...

You might be surprised where He leads you!


Bethany Hudson said...

I hope your dreams come true for 2009. We have the joy of being a part of a church plant in Seattle's inner city. Our church is small (about 100 congregants) but we have already been able to help plant TWO MORE churches in other needy neighborhoods. I feel very blessed to be a part of these churches and to have our children grow up in such a community.

fashion jewelry said...

Very good!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Bethany,

You are so blessed! I bet you learned alot through those experiences---thanks for hoping our dreams will come true, we actually think something could be on the horizon!!

Many blessings...

Janai Fuentes said...

"Yes, I have to make a confession here, if you knew the real me you would be bored to tears because all I really want to talk about is church planting! To me there are few things more exciting."

That is so true! I live with her 24/7 (I'm her daughter!)and sometimes I'm thinking about a book I've just read or something totally different and in the background I hear "Wouldn't it be cool to plant a church? What about three churches? How about we go visit that church and see what they're doing? Wouldn't you be busy being the pastors daughter? I wonder if..." AHHHHHH!!! O well, at least it's something she wants to impact lives with, right?

I'm patient with her though, she does a good job raising us for being an only child herself!! I couldn't ask for anything better!=)

Lady Dorothy said...

Yes to dreaming big!

Fun comments from your daughter!

I presented you with an award for cultural and personal values. No obligation to do anything with it, but come by my blog to pick it up!


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