Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Duggar Video

Yes, we love this family!

This was shot about 2 days ago.

Find out what this blessed family is having next----a boy or a girl...

Congratulations from our family to yours!

And here's one to get you in the mood for the coming holidays...


Mrs. Anna T said...

How lovely. :-) It seems I'm due just a few days after Michelle Duggar.

annamae said...

wow! I hadn't ever seen anything on the Duggar family before but what a God honoring inspiration they are! thanks for posting. :)

Linda said...

I may the too cynical here.. but I just can't stop thinking about how enourmous that home is!

I mean.. it's not uncommon for people in other countries to have so many kids.. but they have to do with so much less. And also the generation of our grandparents had these kind of families, but not these kind of homes.

Part of me keeps thinking: "what's the hard part of having so many kids if you have all these resources?" - because the media wants to portray them as a family who have to budget and work hard to feed all nineteen, but really.. have you ever seen such a building? ;)

greetings from the netherlands!

Michelle said...

Thank you for posting these. I never get tired of seeing the Duggar family. I thoroughly enjoyed their first episode of 17 and counting. I very much enjoying reading your thoughts - they are very inspirational!

What a beautiful example of what a family should look like. I pray for many blessings upon them.


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