Friday, August 1, 2008

Building For Eternity

Recently my son, Ravi, who is 7, sent a donation and letter to Acts 29 an excellent church-planting network, as you might recall me mentioning earlier.

Well, we just received a letter from the Director (whom we personally got to meet early this year at a church-planting conference, though I don't know if he knows this is our son) and he informed us that he has created a fund called 'The Ravi Matching Fund' to help launch a church plant out in Dallas, Georgia and proceeded to post about Ravi on the Acts 29 blog.

You can view Ravi's letter and the post here:

A Child's Heart for Church-Planting

Remember, your children do not have to wait until they are adults to begin to change the world.

Just ask my little Ravi!

(P.S.--Please consider matching his donation while you are there!)


TK said...

WOW! Great blog! God's blessing to you! =)

Bethany Hudson said...

That is so inspirational, June! You may have a little missionary on your hands :) already do, in an unconventional way! God does reveal Himself to "little children," doesn't He?


Michele said...

You have such a beautiful, inspiring blog. So much of what you have written has spoken to me over the past months.

Stop by my blog, if you have a chance- I gave you an "award." :)


Linda said...

That's just..... amazing!

When kids show they have compassion and can think of others first.. wow!


greetings from holland!


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