Thursday, July 17, 2008

Billy Graham-The Early Years

My son loves Billy Graham and we often like to call him Stephen 'Billy Graham' Fuentes. He is trying to collect as many books on Billy Graham that he can and he also supports the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Imagine his surprise when I told him they were working on a movie about him called 'Billy Graham--The Early Years' that should be out sometime in October 2008 at select theaters. Here is the trailer:

Click here to visit the website on the movie. The trailer can be viewed clearer there.


  1. Hi, I just want to tell you that I REALLY enjoy reading your blog, of all the blogs I read Yours is the most of where Id like to be. I believe what you say, and I believe that God has a purpose for your blog. Thank you so much for putting the time even with all that you do to encourage and challenge me in my walk with GOd. Thank you!!! YOur building up your treasures in heaven! THANK YOU!

  2. oh my gracious! this looks so very good... i just can't wait to watch it. my 9yo son will love it too:)

  3. Have you visted the Billy Graham Center Museum in Wheaton, on the campus of Wheaton College? When you're here, we can get together for lunch or playdate!

    Alta Johnson

  4. ALTA!!!!!

    WE MISSED YOU! I saw your darling family on your blog--the children are sooooo beautiful! How is Paul? How are you? It is so great to hear from you, only the other day we were looking at some pictures from Ravi's birthday and saw you in there back before you started your family---it seems so long ago!

    Yes, we have been out to see the Billy Graham Center but have been wanting to visit again for Stephen--he actually requested it his last 2 birthdays but we were unable to make it. I would love to see you all again--if we head out that way let's for sure get together! And if your family is out this way you had better let us know and stop by!

    Many blessings...

  5. How exciting! I am so glad to see that a movie about Billy Graham is coming out. It should be very interesting.


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