Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mothers Day, Michelle!

We have been blessed with the godly example of the Duggar family--we just recently heard that today the Duggar family announced on the Today show that they are expecting blessing #18! (If you are having trouble viewing that video-try here.)

(Above: A personal announcement from their home)

(Here they are surprising their family with the news)

(Michelle receiving Mother's day gifts from her little blessings)

So many would just die for just one child---remember this video:

What a great reminder for Mother's Day!

Our daughter has been invited to their home for their daughter's graduation---and so far, it seems we might be going! (Of course, we will have to visit an Acts 29 church on the way!)

Hope to meet you all in person soon, Duggar family, and may many, many rich blessings be showered upon your home!


Brenda said...

Oh, we hope to meet our pen pals one day as well! How fun!

And if your family is going to their house, it's a good thing they have all that space! :)

Liz Gerstung said...

Oh...that video about dying to be a mom...I broke down!!! I have 4 littles...I am thankful we were blessed to be parents! Happy mothers day

Lizzy G said...

Oh...I just saw that song about dying to be a mom...I broke down! I am so thankful for the 4 littles the Lord blessed us with! Happy Mother's Day...

humbus98 said...

I just love this family! I am so thankful that they have allowed us to have a peek into their lives. They have been so inspirational to our family... Even to the point of inspiring my husband and I to repent for the bad decision of a vasectomy. After much prayer my husband had a reversal one year ago and we are earnestly waiting for more blessings, if God should so choose. Thank you God and thank you Duggar family!!!

Michelle said...

I'm thrilled for the Duggars! They are people I look up to considering others are already making rude comments about me having 3 in a row with no intention of stopping.

A Pretty Home said...

I love the Duggars too. I was so happy that we get their show here in Canada...cant wait for the new shows!! :)
Wow, to be blessed with 18 babies! Thats wonderful.
I was blessed with one, and only one. Thats all God wanted me to have I guess and Im thankful to be a parent. I think the Duggars are awesome role models. I just love them. And you get to meet them!!!! Wow, how awesome is that!


Dawn said...

The news about the Duggars was the 1st thing I woke up to this morning and I sat there and grinned and said 'yippee' to no one in particular :)

The blog lines are lighting up with 'how dare Michelle do this, doesn't she care about the ozone' or saying how selfish she is, etc and I shake my head in wonder at some of the comments I have read.

I seen that video of dying to be a mom last year and as another Mother's Day approaches and I am still without a child, it kind of makes me want to cry.
But like Hannah in the Bible, I will cry unto the Lord and allow His will to be done.

Hope you and your family have a good weekend!


Kerimae said...

Oh, thank you for sharing these! I am 6 weeks away (or thereabouts) :) from having baby #6, and so of course I just spent the entire last video blubbering about how thankful I am.

God bless you and enjoy your mother's day!

Mrs. Klause said...

Thank you for sharing! :)

I just came across your blog and do enjoy it.

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Mrs. Klause

Mrs. Anna T said...

What a heartbreaking video. I watched it once and don't want to watch it again for fear of crying...

God bless the Duggar family. What a living testimony they are.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of the Duggar family but I have never heard of their show - I'll have to see if I can find any information on that. What a blessing to have 18 little ones! Thank you for sharing this.

Mrs. U said...

I am sooo happy and excited for the Duggar's!!! I would LOVE to have that many children and I am always beyond happy to meet large families!!!

Mrs. U

Christy said...

How inspirational!! Thank you for the encouragement! I have passed on a Blog of Excellence Reward to you, now you can pass it on to 10 other bloggers!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

HisBeloved said...

That was a beautiful music video about dying to be a mom. How easy it is to forget what an amazing blessing our children are!

Can you tell me how wrote/performed that song? Thanks!

Kate said...

I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog for many months now, and want to say you and your family bless me....but I do miss your music!

Donna said...

Hello, just came across your blog.

I so love to watch their show. It's so humbling when I see what they're able to do in terms of being good stewards over what they have as well as an awesome lesson on what that looks like. As well as when it comes to raising their children.

Kim said...

What a great post with such inspiration!

I, too, am so grateful to God for the blessing of children and motherhood!
We were only going to have 2 children and had a vasectomy. God changed our hearts and within 2 years of our bad decision, God provided for us to get a reversal! We are now expecting our 8th baby in October!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Ladies,

Thanks for all your wonderful comments---it looks as though we might not visit after all, but the thought was nice! As for the music on my blog, I am working to get music back on since Sonific Songspot is no longer up and running. Please be patient! And I am not sure who did that video but if you type in the song title at youtube you might be able to find it that way.

Many blessings...

Ace said...

WE LOVE THE DUGGARS here! My daughter has been praying for a few weeks now that we will meet them one day. She asked if she could meet then and I told her to ask Jesus. She LOVES them. We have been watching their recorded shows for about three years now (several times a week) and they are clean and fun and even teach great things. Nothing else on tv like that!

I just got their book and did a review on it.

What a great blessing they have been to us. I think I will find a way to write to them and tell them and hey, hopefully we can meet them for my dear Princess Joy.

Many Blessings :)

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