Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winning Their Hearts

Gaining the hearts of our children come with much sacrificial prayer, wisdom, time and love invested--that is the cost of truly disciplining and shepherding our children! It is much better to throw off those things that cry out for our attention and diverting us from truly discipling our children. In this day and age of plenty----everything will pull us away from spending time with our children and cultivating rich and strong relationships with them if we allow it. How many times have we told ourselves we would do this or that with them only to find weeks later the promise we made ourselves lie unfulfilled? As parents we must realize that time spent with our children in never wasted time, it is sacred time invested in a holy pursuit.

I am grateful for a husband who sees the value in this and shares the same vision of discipling our children. On March 7th, he is taking our three daughters to a formal gala event hosted by HomeBuilders Ministries---called 'A Heart For You'. He is speaking there along with two other pastors about their testimonies in keeping the hearts of their children. The Eden String Quartet will be performing.

(Click here to see video of them.)

I have been spending the week buying beautiful dresses and matching tiaras and feeling blessed by the fact that I am buying these dresses not for a prom---but for a special night with the man that loves them the most, the man who was first to hold and kiss them the day they were born, the man who works day and night to support them, the man who shares my dreams for them and the man who wants to win their hearts and be the first example of a godly man to them before they meet the man they will one day marry (could someone please pass the tissue box?) He is the same man who prays at night for their unborn children. I know one day they will look back and certainly cherish these special memories with their loving father.

It is never a waste of time to invest in your children. Whether they are 5 or 50, today is the day to chase after their hearts and win them for the glory of God. And for those who have strained relationships remember that the Lord can repair what once was broken. And not only that, but He can make it much stronger now than you would have ever imagined. Praise God who gives us the gift of children and makes our lives sweeter on earth with their presence.

(Banquet Hall for the Father/Daughter event)


Persuaded said...

"chase after their hearts"

what a simply wonderful way of putting it.........

Abounding Treasures said...

I, too, loved the phrase "today is the day to chase after their hearts" ... what an powerful way of putting it and how true it is:-)

I trust your daughters will have a memorable and amazing time with their father!

I have read many of your posts and can only say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I have been encouraged, challenged and inspired!!

Dallas [aka Mrs M]

try2bAsunbeam said...

What a beautiful post. Your daughters are blessed to have a father like they do!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a wonderful memory for your daughters, and a cherished one for their father!



Anonymous said...

This event looks like being a truly special occasion. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this night encouraged other men who didn't realize they hold a special place in their daughters' lives, to desire to make it a reality for themselves. I'm sure your three daughters will have special memories of this night always. Blessings to you all.

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