Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Power of Influence

I have always known that as a woman, I held a great responsibility within me of influencing others. I take this responsibility quite seriously and have often like to teach other women about their influence especially with their husbands---of their influence to build him up or tear him down. Sometimes as women we forget the powerful impact we have on lives, we feel that for some reason or another that what we do or say goes unnoticed. I believe that we play an invaluable part in charting the course of history---in our families lives and those we might never know.

There have been many times God has been kind in giving me the gift of free time only to plan things that helped to change lives or help them for the better. This is powerful. It is also powerful to have time to petition the God in heaven for change on earth. Remember, that with prayer, men in the Bible were able to rewrite the future. Now that is life changing.

I enjoyed this excerpt from the Botkin girls:

"There is something the feminists of the 20th century never fully realized. That is that women are hugely influential and always have been. Even during times when women were supposedly 'shackled' to the house and kitchen, they were making their mark on the world by discovering true feminine freedom.

Even when they were supposedly 'enslaved to husbands' they were writing history.

Even when they could do no more than rock cradles, they were ruling the world.

And when they started staging power struggles with men, their influence became perverted---but it didn't wane.

We have a special kind of God-given influence, and we can either use it for His purposes or for Satan's. We can use it to pull ourselves and our culture out of this big mess. We can use it to encourage our fathers and the other men around us become men. We can do this by repenting from our natural inclinations toward feminism and becoming real women."

Let us remember to use this valuable influence to advance the kingdom of God wisely and bring Him glory as we daily influence the world around us .

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Lady-in-the-Making said...

A beautiful post, Mrs. Fuentes - as always. Your blog is one of my favorite sites.

I have noticed as God has turned my heart back towards home the immense influence that I hold. I never realized it before God showed me my purpose in my family and helped me to begin fulfilling it.

It is truly astounding how much more power a woman wields for good with a spatula rather than a briefcase. I can change my family's life for the better with farther-reaching effect by the love and care I give them than I EVER do in my office at work.

Thank you for a beautifully written post.

Ginny said...

This is a timely reminder. As women, we must constantly guard our tongues and be aware of what are actions are communicating. We do not know who is watching. As Christians, we have an awesome opportunity to show those around us the marvels of the God we serve.

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