Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Return of the Daughters

This is a new movie coming out soon chronicling the lives of a handful of different families who are raising their daughters with a multigenerational vision, if you haven't seen the original trailer I had posted on earlier---you won't want to miss it---be sure to click here.

Here is some footage of the not yet released movie with:

Mrs. Jennie Chancey on 'Does it Take an Expert to Raise a Child?'


Cooking Sacred Cows with Dr.Voddie Bauchum

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I look forward to the release of this film and I hope it will inspire my own family to realize the importance of being female....being a DAUGHTER!!, and that its ok to rely on the protection of our earthly father, and most importantly our Heavenly Father.

  2. Hi Mrs. Fuentes!
    I am SO looking forward to this DVD!! I think it will be very encouraging. Each time I see someone post about it, I get more and more antsy with anticipation!!

    Mrs. U

  3. I especially needed to visit your blog today. A refreshing reminder against this cruel, angry world.


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