Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Day In My Homeschool

Tiany at Less of Me~More of Him is hosting a Homeschool Open House that I thought I might participate in it. Won't you join me...

How many blessings do you have?

I have eight total--six of whom I homeschool (the two youngest are one year old twins).

How long have you been homeschooling?

Twelve years.

What does your homeschool day look like?

We wake up early, do personal devotionals, get dressed, clean our rooms, eat breakfast, do Bible time, clean up, start school and then break for lunch. Whatever is not done for the older children can be finished afterwards. The younger should be done by then, or I can work with them more one on one at that time. Then they can move on to music/reading/craft/PE/free time. Unless Dad is home then we adjust things to work out to spend optimal time with him.

What curriculum do you use?

Abeka and Saxon primarily. The structure of the traditional curriculum makes my life simple with many children, although I do not stick to rigid scheduling or by the book always, I try to implement some Charlotte Mason/Classical here and there. I have freedom to move away from the book when I feel like it and use the library, etc. I also do not do all the exercise/practice problems because that can lead to burnout, once they understand a concept we move on.

Do you schedule your day to the minute or have no real structure?

I schedule my day, but mostly follow a routine of the schedule, we like to be flexible to real life interruptions and blessings. If we do not have a routine, it is all downhill---I need lots of structure and so do my children. In fact, we thrive off it.

Do you have any must share tips?

Of course! Be FLEXIBLE!!!!! God is teaching you more than you are teaching them. For more tips visit my homeschool blog--The Homeschool Corner. And when you feel your children have hit a wall for the day, don't force the issue and try to finish the page--it can be more frustrating for all of you. Also, be spontaneous--this is the spice of life (and homeschools).

Where do you homeschool at?

Primarily in the dining room--but then off we go to the couches, then on our beds, then on the floor, then on the deck and out under the trees outside. My husband is currently building us a new homeschool room that will hopefully get done this month.

Do you have any questions or concerns?

Yes!!! Who will be watching my twins this year while I am homeschooling my six others? ;)


  1. Hi, so nice to meet you!! I have a question which is driving me totally bonkers and causing the most stress. I need to figure out how to keep accurate records; like terms (marking periods), when they begin and end. Can you help me with this or point me in the direction to find the info? I thought you may since you have been doing this for 12 years now.

    Thank you!

  2. Ha Ha! I have a similar question - Who will be watching my emerging crawler while I homeschool?? :o)

  3. Dear Jenn,

    I typed in 'how to keep records in homeschooling'at Google and a whole list of web articles popped up. Hope that helps.

    Many blessings...

  4. Good luck with your coming year!


  5. Thanks for sharing! Yes, I imagine the twins will shake things up this year! I know of a large family who schedules it for certain children to "play with" the little ones while the other school. They take turns. If nothing else, at least they could serve as "reporter" if the twins really are getting into something they shouldn't!

  6. Nice post. Were do you get these lovely pictures from?

  7. Thank you for visiting my open house yesterday! I enjoyed hearing about how you homeschool and I hope you have a wonderful year!

  8. I enjoyed reading about your routine. You have such lovely paintings on your blog!

  9. I enjoyed reading your post and your blog is lovely. As to what to do with the twins...since you are in the process of building a homeschool room, perhaps a corner can be set aside as a play place. Also, they can always be given paper to draw and color on. My youngest early on wanted to be doing 'work' like her big brother.

    Have a blessed year.

  10. I really enjoyed reading about your homeschool. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the pictures on your blog.

    Have a great year!

  11. I always love your blog! Thanks for sharing about your homeschooling. I trust you have a great year. We are starting our school year a week from Monday. So I will be busy getting ready all this week.

    May God Bless

  12. I love your tips!!
    Happy Homeschooling!!

    Theresa #14

  13. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this “Homeschool Open House 2007” It has been such fun putting it together but getting a peek into your homeschool days has been the real blessing in all of this! Making some new friends along the way is the icing on the cake!

    I greatly enjoyed your post, it was fun getting to learn a bit about your family and your days!

    I pray you have a very blessed, fruitful and productive homeschool year!

    Please email me with the subject “Open House” and in the email please send your link number from my post (I need to know what number you are on the Mister Linky) so that I can get your gift to you!

    Hugs & Blessings~

  14. Oh my you certainly do have your hands full. I have an idea? If your chidren were in Gov't schools they would have to take a family life course and babysit kids in the nursery for school credit, so give each of the children a 1/2 hour family life course in your schedule. It might work?
    because of jesus, Bobbie

  15. Being flexible is KEY!

    You may want to visit the conversation about classical homeschooling at the Heart of Wisdom blog.


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