Friday, August 3, 2007

Congratulations to the Duggar Family

Congratulations to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who are the parents of sixteen children, ten boys and six girls on their newest blessing (#17) who was born August 2! This is truly a wonderful family!

Here are a list of their blessings:

1. Joshua - March 3, 1988
2. John - January 12, 1990/ Jana's Twin
3. Janna - January 12, 1990/ John- David's Twin
4. Jill - May 17, 1991
5. Jessa - November 4, 1992
6. Jinger - December 21, 1993
7. Joseph - January 20, 1995
8. Josiah - August 28, 1996
9. Joy-Anna - October 28, 1997
10. Jeremiah - December 30, 1998/ Jedidiah's Twin
11. Jedidiah - December 20, 1998 / Jeremiah's Twin
12. Jason - April 21, 2000
13. James - July 7, 2001
14. Justin - November 15, 2002
15. Jackson Levi - May 23, 2004
16. Johannah - October 11, 2005
17. Jennifer-Newest baby

Here they are with their newest arrival, Jennifer Danielle--the Duggars are known for their strong faith, not living in debt, amazing organization and love for children.They are something of celebrities now with videos of their family on the Discovery Health channel. For more information about this wonderful family, click here. The Duggars just recently stated in a news article following this birth that they would still like to have more children.

(FYI-Our daughter Janai is penpal to Jill Duggar)

There is a new show of their family coming September 18 here are some behind the scenes clips:

(Remember to first turn off the music in the left sidebar!)

(If you like what you see in these videos, you can find more here.)



Mrs. H said...

Oh! I love seeing the shows about the Duggars! I usually find myself somewhat misty-eyed by the end because I am so overwhelmed by their faith, kindness, love, and gentleness. I wish I were half the mother that Michelle is! What an extraordinary family!

Bren said...

I had read about this online last night, but thank you for your post. It made it seem more personal. Not like a "news" article. Loved the video clip!! The Duggars are extraordinary people.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame she isn't following God's design for breastfeeding which would give natural, God-intended spacing of her children. . .

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Anonymous,

I understand people have their own convictions about spacing, but let's be careful not to be negative and instead be a source of encouragement to others.

Many blessings...

Amy Caroline said...

I visited another blog this morning in which some very awful people actually cursed the blog writer's children because he dared to post something positive about this family. You should be very proud of the lovely readers you have!
I loved the video clips, thank you for posting them!

Michelle said...

Hello Fuentes family from the Duggars! Just a friendly note to Anonymous... FYI: I do breastfeed my babies, with no supplementation, I just happen to be one of those few women that start their cycle at 8 weeks anyway. I whole heartedly encourage breastfeeding. Michelle D.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Michelle Duggar,

Thanks for your comment and visiting us here at A Wise Women Builds Her Home! You and your family are a blessing and godly example to so many families around the world. Keep up the good work as you continue to exalt Christ with your family! And may their be showers of blessings upon your new home with your newest gift from God, sweet little Jennifer!

May the Lord continue to bless you richly...

Chelsea said...

Mrs. Duggar is such a sweet and Godly woman. I just read this post from years past, and it amazes me how much this one family has changed society for so much better. Me and my husband have also give our family size up to the Lord, and we are so thankful for such inspirational families like the Duggars. My God continue to bless their families, and yours as well. :)

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