Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Summer is around the corner again and it is time to take a look into our closets and find something modest to wear for the occassion! The presence of hot and sticky weather is also evidenced by the lack of clothing we are exposed to and the ever present amount of skin surrounding us. It is interesting to think that some women today who would never think twice about strolling around town or church in their underwear are not embarassed to wear a bikini in a public venue such as a beach, waterpark or the like.

For the Christian women this should not be. The standards for modesty are clear in the Bible. We should be an example of purity and modesty and not wearing clothing that might cause our brothers to stumble. What sorts of clothing fall under this category? Several things indeed, in fact, if you try to shop at your local mall you could be hard pressed at times to find something decent, but it IS possible and you CAN find something. The types of clothing we should invest in should cover our bosoms. Cleavage should not be shown on a Christian. Many honest articles by Christian men have pleaded with women and letting them know that even a little exposure of skin in the wrong places can tempt them to think sinful thoughts. This temptation is real and affects not just men that are not saved but your husband, your sons, brothers and Christian men as well. Sadly, this occurs just as much in churches than more people think. How would you feel if you were a guy trying to worship the Lord and a women sits in front of you with cleavage showing, middriff bare and miniskirt on? Surely it would be hard to focus since we know that men are made to be strongly attracted to women visually. It also does not represent Christ well since we are to commanded to be an example of purity. The message it sends is not one of beauty although the woman may possess beauty. Rather it is one that cheapens a women by exposing too much of themselves. A true lady will give thought to how she dresses, first always to please her Lord, then to please her husband and also to train her daughters and son what the standard should be for them.

Skirts that are too short and slits that are too high are other things to be weary of as they become 'eyetraps' for others. Clothes that are too tight sends the wrong message as well. We should not choose clothing with writing across the front of the chest or on the bottom which draws attention to these areas. Not for ourselves or our daughters. Sometimes I see a mother dressing very modestly but then she allows her daughters to dress in a very wordly, immodest way. Mothers, we must be careful in this area to set a high standard. How our daughters dress will also attract the wrong kind of boy/men to her. Remember that our clothing speak volumes about us whether we like it or not. What is your clothing saying about you?

Choosing modest clothing does not have to be hard at this time if we put a bit of thought and prayer to it. Modesty is given as a protection for both women and men alike. Being modest is also an outward reflection of our hearts. If we are vain, it will show in our clothing. Christian women should always be the example to the world of feminine loveliness, modeling priceless purity with the true adornmenent of a gentle, meek spirit which is true beauty in the sight of our Lord.

"Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments, but rather by means of good works, as it proper for women making a claim to godliness. 1 Timothy 2:9


Mrs. MK said...

Great post!! Are those Coldwater Creek dresses?

Nothing beats the heat for me like a long, airy skirt and a simple, loosefitting cotton shirt. There's simply no need for skimpy shorts and tank tops!

Mrs. U said...

I GREATLY appreciate this post!! Thank you very much for sharing this.

And thank you for posting such pretty pictures of the dresses! Where can those dresses be purchased?

Mrs. U

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Yes, these are mostly Coldwater Creek dresses. Just do an engine search and the site will pop up as I can't recall the URL. I loved the picture of the blue dress at the top--it looks so comfortable I just want to jump right into it!

Mrs. U said...

Thank you, Mrs. Fuentes!! I just ordered one of their catalogs!! :)

Mrs. U

Mandy Grace said...

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. This is a wonderful post on modesty!

Lauren Christine said...

Such a truth! And so forgotten by today's society. I very much enjoy reading your blog- its lovely!

MInTheGap said...

These are some great rules of thumb as far as what to wear. As a guy, I'm glad there are ladies out there like you all that are concerned about what you look like and how you effect us men.

Keep up the good work!

Brenda said...

Oh I needed to read this post for the encouragement. I have always dressed modestly, but not always feminely. These dresses are beautiful--I will be ordering a catalog!

Erica said...

Thank you for this post - what a blessing :) Modesty is so important and so undervalued.

nanasknoll said...

Where do you find clothes like this. I love to sew and love some of the pictures of skirts and tops. Especially the white top and skirt with a white trim.
If there are patterns for these please let me know by

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you are saying here and I agree that we females should take care in how we dress. But, that doesn't necessarily mean we have to go around wearing unflattering and frumpy outfits. You can wear a knee length skirts and still be modest. Since when is the calf considered racy in our modern day society? Let's face it, not all of us look good in mid-calf or longer length skirts due to having tree trunk legs. And you can wear tailored, fitted blouses and jackets without them being considered inappropriate. I just hope that women out there understand you can still look fashionable and wear flattering outfits and still be modest. You don't have to dress in sackcloth or be covered from your neck to your toes in a shapeless shift of a dress. Or wear outfits that are 20 years too old for your age. Dress modestly for your body. Watch "What Not to Wear" sometime for tips. Yes, it's a very secular program, but there are some very good fashion tips on the show.

Susie said...

Modesty doesn't just apply to women, it applies to men as well. I feel this is important to remember because immodestly dress men are becoming more common in our culture because of the lgbt movement. It helps to teach children to sew their own clothes. Shopping online is also a good way to find modest skirts and dresses. I have found a lot of inexpensive maxi dresses and skirts on


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