Friday, June 15, 2007

Feminine Dress for the Summer

Why resort to tank tops and shorts when we can wear beautiful clothing for summer such as these:

and look charming...

and lovely...

and sweet!

Praise God for the beautiful weather, let's use it as an opportunity to dress beautifully for those around us!


  1. Thanks for the encouragment. I think it is sad when the weather gets hotter and the clothes get fewer. Thanks for challenging other ladies to be modest!!

  2. I just discovered this site and am very excited about the encouragement and advice. I desperately need to increase my skirt blouse wardrobe and feel even more encouraged to stay away from the more masculine outfits next trip to the thrift store. My question is how should women joggers handle their attire? Thanks.

  3. That is a great question---one that I have not given much thought to. Anyone like to share their thoughts, ladies?

  4. I realize this post was written last summer....but some of the dresses you posted are adorable!!! What magazine or store catalog did you find them in? I would love to know!! And thank you so much! Cheryl

  5. I think these were Coldwater Creek dresses...

  6. I know that this is an old post but it is right where I am at. I've always loved skirts and dressing feminine. I gained several pounds over the last few years and "grew out of" all of my skirts! I am exercising to get back into shape and have purchased several skirts from the thrift store. I feel soooo good to be back in skirts! :) I feel like me again!

    Those outfits are so cute!

  7. Regarding women joggers, what about wearing loose capri jogging pants and a loose full coverage t-shirt? I often wear that when working out in hot weather and find it easy to move in and I am not worries about showing too much skin, because everything important is covered.

  8. I also love Chadwicks clothing...they have some beautiful blouse/skirt combinations. :)


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